• The Birth of Vixened by Vanessa Keri

    While working in the makeup field, I realized there were some products that needed improvement. I often had to stack multiple pairs of eyelashes to get the effect that I wanted or I’d use dark brown or black eyeshadow to contour deep skin models because products were not available for their rich, beautiful tones. Even with the full range of products from the company that I use in my makeup kit, there was no foundation that matched a darker skin tone model on a particular shoot that I worked.

    I knew that I had to create my own product line as I never want that model or anyone of her beautiful, rich complexion to be void of products to enhance their natural beauty. Everyone deserves the opportunity to shine.  That is when Vixened by Vanessa Keri was birthed. My goal is to make the world more beautiful one product at a time.  First product—beautiful lashes!