About Us

VIXENED by Vanessa Keri is an all-inclusive cosmetics brand that embodies the glittering elegance of Vanessa's personality--and that allure is prevalent in every product we produce.  Our company’s goal is to bring pro-quality products to everyday makeup routines. Although this brand is inclusive and can be rocked by all races, genders, and skin tones, it is also our priority to create a brand that embodies black beauty standards from the lens of a diverse beauty culture. It is important to emphasize that this is a brand started by a black woman that has people of color in clear focus when creating products. 

Our approach is to make sure that every product released is innovative, easy to apply and multi-use. With an eye towards the importance of environmental sustainability, VIXENED by Vanessa Keri ensures that the packaging for every product is multipurpose and can be re-used.

Vanessa's practical knowledge gained working in the industry as a makeup artist, along with her personal style and creative flair allows VIXENED to boldly, stylishly and effectively fill beauty product voids for people of color in today’s marketplace. Our vision is to make the world more beautiful one product at a time. Today its lashes!!